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About Synergy Blends Products


Synergy Blends was created by Pharmacist Mark Mandel. As a pharmacist, Mandel was able to observe first hand the detrimental side effects as well as the clinical failures of prescription medications. Searching for options for his patients and clients and their ailments, Mandel turned to alternative products containing herbs, vitamins and minerals. He was specifically intrigued by the possibility of synergistic therapeutic effects of these “nutritionals” that were, at therapeutic doses, frequently without side effects.
After researching the formulas currently on the market, Mandel realized that key elements were missing in many of these formulations. Mark then created Synergy Blends, a line of the highest quality and complete supplements. His goal was to create product combinations that would exhibit clinical results but would be as free as possible from side effects. Synergy blends succeeded at aiding many of his patients and their ailments without the side effects associated with traditional, prescription medications.
Demonstrated Therapeutic Results
One of the keys to this success is the history of combining components that have been clinically demonstrated to show therapeutic results. All of the components in the Synergy Blends line have been challenged and reviewed in peer-reviewed publications and have demonstrated therapeutically significant results.
A theory behind the Synergy Blends product line is that by dosing these components in combination, the sum of their benefits would surpass their individual potentials creating a synergistic result. This synergistic blend would therefore allow lower doses of the individual components thereby decreasing the consumer cost and the potential of dose related side effects.
The current Synergy Blends product line has more than a dozen formulas that have helped Mark Mandel's patients, clients and those of other practitioners who have used these products. The complete line covers a wide range from Probiotics alone and in combination with prebiotics, multiple vitamin and mineral combinations to Joint Support capsules and creams, Blood Pressure, Glycemic and Cholesterol Support.


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