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Synergy Blends accepts
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Synergy Blends Nutritional Supplements


We strive to create products that are not otherwise found in the marketplace and to provide possible alternatives to problems that are either inadequately addressed or addressed with significant potential side effects from conventional prescription or OTC products presently available.
The current Synergy Blends product line has more than a dozen formulas that have helped our patients, clients and those of other practitioners who have used these products. The complete line covers a wide range from Probiotics alone and in combination with Prebiotics, multiple vitamins and mineral combinations to Joint Support capsules and creams, Blood Pressure, Glycemic and Cholesterol Support.
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Synergy Blends products include probiotics, multiple vitamins and minerals.

Synergy Blends offers alternative products containing herbs, vitamins, minerals.

Synergy Blends was created by Pharmacist Mark Mandel. Searching for options for his patients and clients and their ailments, Mandel turned to alternative products containing herbs, vitamins and minerals.
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